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Can A Broken Key be copied ?

Yes, it is almost always possible to copy a broken key. There are some exceptions to the rule, but more often than not, the pieces of the key can be used to gather all the information necessary to make a replacement for a broken key. The process to copy a broken key will vary depending on the state of the broken key. But it needs someone with the proper equipment to do so.

Should I get the broken key out of the lock before I try to copy a broken key?

It is better to always get the broken key out of the lock before trying to copy a broken key, if for no other reason than to be able to eventually use the lock. A locksmith can assist you with this whether you are looking to extract a broken car key or house key. Once the key way is clear, you will be able to open the lock with a spare or with the new key when the broken key is copied.

Can a broken car key be copied?

Yes. Broken car keys can be copied no matter how complicated they appear. The ease of making a copy of a broken key will depend on how it broke, but due to the record keeping process for modern cars, it is likely that your key code will be associated with the chassis  of your automobile. To replace a broken car key, you can either use the broken pieces or the recorded key code likely to be associated with the vehicle. One of the biggest considerations for broken keys with transponder chips is what part of the key is broken. These types of keys are used for cars and are rather complicated compared to standard house keys. If the blade of the key is broken vs. the transponder chip is broken. If the transponder chip is broken, there will be no way to copy that broken key. You can program a new key, but you will either need a functioning transponder signal to copy a new key using a car’s  diagnostics port.

Do you need both halves to copy a broken key?

You do not necessarily need to have both parts in order to copy a broken key. However, you will need something that can be used to gather information from. The most important part of the broken key to have is the full grooved blade. If this is the piece you have, and it has been snapped at the shoulder of the key, you might have the only part you necessary to have a broken key be copied. If the full blade is not in your possession, you can still copy a broken key if you have the key code recorded.

Can you copy a broken key even if it is patented?

Yes, you can copy a broken key regardless of whether it is a patented key. You will be limited on where you can have this done, just because not every key maker will have access to the needed key blank. The safest bet is always a locksmith, as they will have the keys and equipment to cut any type of new keys. Patented keys can vary in complexity, and may have measures to prevent decoding.

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