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Everyone Needs A Spare Car Key

A spare car key is an important asset to every car owner. Think about it. If you lock yourself out of your car one day, you will either have to break your way back in (which can cause damage) or call an locksmith to assist you. In both of these cases, some cost will be incurred, not to mention the time that you will waste waiting on a locksmith to help you out.

It is always beneficial to have a spare car key, even if you think you will never need one. In some cases the spare key might not even be for you, it might be for a spouse or a child who also needs to have access to your vehicle.

1. Spare car keys minimize cost

Owning a spare car key will help car owners minimize the amount of money that they will have to spend if they are ever stuck in a car lockout.You might end up spending more than if you had a spare car key. Also, in this instance, cost is not only monetary. Let’s say that you are locked out of your vehicle and you have no spare car key, but you need to get to work, or to the hospital or even make it to a date on time. These situations can easily be avoided by owning a spare car key.

Essentially, you want to make sure that your spare key is always readily accessible should you ever need it so that you do not incur any unnecessary costs. Some car owners resort to storing their spare car key at home or  work.

2. Spare car keys help prevent key and lock Wear

Spare car keys are very handy and helpful in more ways than one. Car keys are not impervious to damage  because car keys are susceptible to damage and wear over time. This is a natural thing that occurs and the habits of their owners tend to speed up the process.

A spare car key helps slow down the damage that your original key goes through. This is simply because having a spare car key allows you to switch keys often, which means that no key is being overused and exposed to damaging elements on a daily basis.  Furthermore, utilizing a spare car key reduces the possibility of you ever needing car locks repaired or replaced.

3. Spare car keys help prevent car lockouts


There is no telling when a lockout will happen,  a spare car key can help alleviate the stress and anxiety that a car lockout might bring. Owning a spare car key will give you a cost effective way to gain entry back into your vehicle without inflicting any damage on your car. Furthermore, it will also mean that you will be stranded for a shorter period of time.

4. Spare car keys provide convenient replacement option

If you have your spare car key available, it presents the locksmith who will fashion your key with the easiest and most efficient duplication method available. They can simply cut your new key to the specifications of your spare car key. If, however, you did not have a spare car key, the locksmith will have to resort to either disassembling your ignition or using other methods to obtain your car key code so that they can cut you a replacement. None of these methods are quick, easy or cheap. This is one of the main reasons why already having a spare car key in place can work to your benefit.

Spare keys can be the difference between having a really good day and having a day that you want to completely forget. They come in handy when you least expect it, and they are reliable assets that every car owner should take advantage of. I don’t mean to scare you into going to get a spare car key, but I am merely presenting you with all the possibilities and reasons why you will need a spare key.

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