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Steps To Take After A Home Burglary

Home burglaries  can be a very jarring experience to come  home and find that your house has been broken into. This experience can foster a sense of distrust for the state of things around you. Below, we will look at at steps you should take after a home burglary.

1. Immediately Contact The Police

Immediately after a home burglary or home break-in, the first thing you should do, as a homeowner, is to contact the police and alert them to what happened. You should do this as soon as you realize your home has been broken into. Ideally, you should try your best not to touch or move anything around until the they arrive. I do understand that this is going to be very hard to do, especially when you walk into your home and it dawns on you that something isn’t right. The fact that you arrived home does not necessarily mean that the burglars have left.

2. Review Your Security Protocols

Any possible information at all will help give you, and the police on the scene, some insight into how the break-in occurred. In this modern age, many homeowners have invested in surveillance equipment that ranges between complex camera gear, to simple DIY security cameras. Regardless of the security mechanisms you are using, you should review your security deterrents to see what information they can provide about the burglary. Up grading of existing locking systems should also be reviewed.

3. Take Stock Of What You Have

Not only does this information help homeowners get a sense of why they were targeted, but it also helps police have a better idea of the items that were stolen in the home burglary.This step is usually challenging for homeowners to handle because many of them will still be dealing with the shock of finding that their home was just broken into and robbed.However, it is important for you to carry this task out, sooner rather than later.

4. Call Your Insurance Agent

After you have taken stock of your belongings and determined what is intact, and what is either damaged or missing, you should reach out to your insurance agent or insurance company and notify them of the break-in.You will have to present a  list that details everything that was either stolen or damaged during the home burglary.The information that you provide your insurance agent will be important when you file a claim after the home burglary.

5. Repair Damaged Security Precautions And Implement New Ones

This final emergency step needs to be carried out in two stages. The first stage will be handled immediately after the home burglary, and the second stage will gradually be executed over time. This is the ideal way to handle repairing any damaged security precautions as well as implementing new ones.

For instance, if your door was kicked in by burglars, you will likely need to have new door locks installed, as well as a new door installed if it was also damaged in the process. This gives homeowners the chance to install higher security door locks.Calling an emergency locksmith to handle your door lock repairs, or to install a new secure lock should be your priority if your door locks were compromised during the break-in. It is not always the case that your door locks will be the only thing damaged. Based on the method of entry these burglars utilized, your sliding glass doors and their accompanying door locks could have been damaged, as well as your windows.

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